"I treat physical and emotional pain, grief, intimacy issues and help you with your total well being goals." 

Laetitia Seow Chevillard

Your Therapist

Laetitia has 20 years training and experience in a Daoist Tradition. Studying and apprenticing Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoist Medicine with Serge Augier of the 1500+ year old Daoist Tradition  'Ba Men Da Xuan'.

After graduating and becoming certified in 2006 she opened her clinic treating and mentoring her patients and students in Paris, France. Whom she continues to mentor via distance online and regular stages in Europe.

Since immigrating to Melbourne, Australia she has been certified and insured via IICT and offers her unique treatments and mentoring that support patients to their wellness goals.



Treatments are designed for your own needs and goals with the use of a combination of methods as listed under modalities below. They are painless and you are accompanied by your therapist throughout the entire session. The duration of each session is usually from 50-70min depending on what is required.  The following is a detailed listing of specialisations.

Physical Pain

  • back & neck

  • stomach

  • hip & knees

  • elbow

  • head

  • trauma

Emotional Pain

  • stress & anxiety

  • depression & sadness

  • anger & frustration

  • trauma

Issues with Intimacy

  • singles

  • couples


  • loss

  • trauma

Well being

  • mentoring

  • prevention

Fees + Payment

Single Treatments

$165 - One-off payment per session (50-75min)

  • Usually 75 minutes for your first treatment which includes a consultative appraisal

Block of Five

$750 - 5 x $150/treatment (50-75min)

  • A free initial consultation with each block of 5 sessions (approx.20min)

  • Ideal to build continuity in your treatments

  • Great to maintain wellness

  • Perfect for preventative development

  • Can be scheduled in advance

Well Being Programs

Are designed to get the maximum from your treatments and support.

There are 2 modes - Prevention and Mentoring.


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*Payments are in advance and can be made by cash, credit or debit card and EFT via PayID





Ancient Daoist massage to return the proper function and circulation to the muscular skeletal system and release pain from trauma.


Potent & powerful prescribed balms and potions that reverberate and enhance the effect of your treatments


A form of Shamanic medicine that is the ancestor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As practiced by the Ba Men Da Xuan School.


Only the finest needles used for a pain free comfortable treatment. To help circulation and unblock stuck energy.



The most important and priceless component to Daoist Wellness "supporting you to your destiny" is guiding you to develop the ideal vision of yourself.  You achieve this through our indiviually designed Mentoring and Prevention programs.

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