Why specialise?

I chose to specialise in pain, grief and problems with intimacy to deliver my patients to a place of total well being through the observation of my experience in the application of my treatments over the years as a Daoist practitioner. This is my goal. To meet the needs of my patients for them to live a happier and healthier life.


How they work.

After some time practicing, I have witnessed the patterns of life through the consultation of many patients with their health conditions and concerns. These patterns are a global effect that often have one source yet may manifest in any multitude of ways.

To give a simplified example from a patient :


" I have a pain in my elbow. It is slowing me down at work. I am anxious about not getting my work finished. I am feeling stressed. I rush my meals and breaks to make sure I get my work done but this makes my elbow hurt more and I also have problems with degestion. The discomfort from the pain in my elbow and digestion I am not sleeping well. It is making me tired and depressed because it's not getting better. "

This simple scenario is a cycle that most adults experience in their working life even with or without the physical pain. The Modern lifestyle requires us to be inside this 'pressing' or 'grinding' routine.


Here we see that a simple repetitive strain injury a physical injury, can manifest emotional issues (anxiety and stress), issues with diet and sleep, energy levels and chronic long-term health problems.

If left untreated, the more chronic it becomes. The physical transforms into a greater emotional issue with depression going deeper and deeper from the lack of capacity to solve the problem. This then starts to impact not only working relationships but also family life resulting in issues with intimacy.

This scenario from it's most basic form - a pain in the elbow to its most extreme - depression and issues with intimacy is a consequence of the humans global condition inside a modern system of living. Because as humans physically and emotionally we haven't changed so much from the earliest times of civilisations apart from the our environmental conditions.


Therefore, With the current environmental conditions that doesn't allow the human system the time to respond and heal or even support itself 


The frame work to this understanding is from the brilliance of the  Da Xuan Daoist Medicine system. After studying and practically living the systems global application in preserving, living and bettering life from the teachings of my teacher Serge Augier. I could help many people achieve their wellness goals.


I am here to help you develop the capacities or give you the tools through my treatments and consultation to release the pain, relieve the stress, make room for the good habits and return and maintain the energy levels that life demands.


I listen, heal and mentor for you to become a stronger more relaxed, better and happier you. 

This is how I " support you to your destiny! "

Physical Pain

I want to help you release the stress brought on by long-term physical pain linked to trauma to your :

  • head

  • back & neck

  • stomach

  • hip & knees

  • elbow

  • surgery

  • other illnesses


Through treatment I aim to eliminate the source of the pain and assist you with developing the mechanisms to overcome and prevent pain from returning. Where it may be possible to live a life free from pain.

Emotional Pain & Grief

Shock is a result of trauma from emotional pain and grief. It creates an imbalance in your system and it always manifests itself in physical pain, whether it be :

  • stress & anxiety

  • depression & sadness

  • anger & frustration

  • other trauma


Treatments with Daoist medicine may assist you with letting go releasing you from this shock or negative pattern which can help open space in your life to live better your life and with others.

Intimacy Issues

Intimacy  / Diet / and Sleep. I am open and non-judgemental in consultation of such health problems with the self and others for :

  • singles

  • couples

Intimacy is no less or more important than diet and sleep. Just treating the Psych aspect is not conclusive. I propose a more global approach to these types of personal problems.



Please leave a short message to book a treatment, mentoring session or inquiries about our services and Laetitia will get back to you as soon as she can.

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